Crisis Academy Concept

Custom learning journeys for crisis teams

powered by SURGE Academy

In response to the overwhelming success of the SURGE Academy track model—which includes learning, community, and deployments—the Crisis Bureau has begun to create custom learning journeys for other crisis teams within UNDP and beyond.

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SURGE Academy: Learning, Networking, and Deployments
School to be rehabilitated in Macomia.
School to be rehabilitated in Macomia. Photo: UNDP/Brenda Hada

Stabilization Academy


Business as usual isn’t an option. The Stabilization Academy proved timely and relevant for challenges facing the region, making UNDP even more agile in responding to changing circumstances in Africa for programmatic scale-up in stabilization as a clear path to peace.

The Stabilization Academy is a partnership between the Regional Bureau for Africa, Crisis Bureau, and the German Foreign Affairs Office—powered by SURGE Academy.

Nexus Academy

Pilot Launched

Ensuring that we tackle unprecedented levels of crises using a full range of responses to effectively save lives, end need, and deliver sustainable development and peace requires enhanced understanding and collaboration within and between organizations. 

The Nexus Academy facilitates joint learning and knowledge exchange from humanitarian, development, and peace perspectives to accelerate Nexus approaches to tackling drivers of crisis and fragility.

Common good delivered by UN-DAC Dialogue Group and powered by SURGE Academy.

2017 – Iraq. Iraq Stabilization Projects underway to help people in Ramadi and Fallujah. With support from the local government, projects underway to help people in Ramadi and Fallujah fix up their houses, create employment opportunities, and revive neighbourhoods. Photo: UNDP Iraq
UNDP Iraq 2017
Mrs. Amurdavallee Ramasawmy, Central Electricity Board System Planning Engineer. at Henrietta Solar PV Farm.
Photo: UNDP Mauritius/Stephane Bellerose

Infrastructure Academy

In Progress

Sustainable infrastructure is at the core of community development—and is the foundation of UNDP’s work in crisis settings. With new infrastructure guidelines available and an estimated $90 trillion USD expected investment on infrastructure in the post-Covid economic recovery, it’s time to create awareness and build capacity to support future infrastructure projects.

Prevention Academy

In Progress

UNDP recognizes that prevention and peacebuilding require a wide range of political, institutional, developmental, social and human rights approaches, mechanisms and processes, necessitating capacities to translate policy and practice guidance into gender-responsive prevention and peacebuilding programming, and conflict-sensitive and risk-informed development engagement.

Femmes membres du comité de vigilance de Mahada, Province du Hadjer Lamis, 17 décembre 2018..La République Fédérale d'Allemagne finance le projet régional intégré de stabilisation du bassin du lac Tchad mise en oeuvre par le PNUD au Tchad..Ce projet vise au développement des acteurs communautaires, à la prévention de l'extrémisme violent et à la réintégration des ex membres associés à Boko Haram.
Aurélia Rusek / PNUD

We're learning differently...


Old Way

of learning


Killing talent with bureaucracy through top-down instruction


Learning happens in a bubble, isolated from other peers and practical thematic expertise


No real-life practice, application, or opportunities to take action and make any material difference



of learning


Co-created learning experiences to develop crisis expertise


A digital platform for peer-to-peer learning and getting answers to tough questions in the field


Real-life practice and purposeful application through deployments to support UNDP’s crisis response

Launch a Learning Journey

powered by SURGE Academy

A successful learning journey using the SURGE Academy track model involves three ingredients: training, community, and deployments—and our team is here to help you implement all three.


You’ll get advisors to support you. Our team of learning strategists, logistics experts, and communications specialists are here to show you what works—and to open up possibilities for interactive forward-thinking learning.

digital learning environment

You’ll get a digital environment, including a learning platform for asynchronous learning and an online community space for networking and live learning.

SURGE Academy experience

You’ll get experience behind you. We’ve learned quite a lot in 16 years of executing the longest-running training in UNDP, not to mention three new academies in 2021 so far—and we’re happy to share those insights with other crisis teams who can benefit from this model!

Academy Criteria

An academy isn’t just about training. Here’s how to know if this model is right for the learning journey you’re creating.

Is your training crisis-related?

Is there potential to evolve into a community of experts?

Will there be a need for deployments to other COs?

Every academy we support uses a set of proven elements, but they’re each unique in their own way. Cost-recovery is determined on a case-by-case basis. To explore academy possibilities for your team, contact us at

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